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 All Star Again and A..>2012-12-12 05:23 6.9M 
 Diamonds (ft. Rihann..>2013-04-07 20:01 8.0M 
 Drop The Lights On O..>2012-12-12 05:26 11M 
 E.T.'s Children (ft...>2012-12-12 05:26 11M 
 Hangover Feeling Goo..>2012-12-12 05:28 9.8M 
 I Know We Scream Gan..>2012-12-12 05:27 11M 
 Let Number 1 Have It..>2012-12-12 05:27 9.3M 
 Nothing Wide Awake I..>2012-12-12 05:32 15M 
 Part of Somebody Wan..>2012-12-12 05:29 8.2M 
 Princess of Payphone..>2012-12-12 05:30 11M 
 Starships Like Hotel..>2012-12-12 05:31 8.4M 
 Swing That A$$ Freak..>2012-12-12 05:31 9.1M 
 Theraflu If The Bonf..>2012-12-12 05:32 10M 
 What Makes Time Brok..>2012-12-12 05:32 8.2M 
 Whoa! Holla At The M..>2012-12-12 05:33 8.1M 
 Wild Snapbacks Are O..>2012-12-12 05:33 12M