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 A Stronger Encore No..>2012-12-08 23:22 3.4M 
 Ayo, I'm A Flirt Rig..>2012-12-08 23:23 3.7M 
 Departed Jesus Breat..>2012-12-08 23:23 3.4M 
 Don't Cha Wish Your ..>2012-12-08 23:23 3.6M 
 Get That Stanky Taff..>2012-12-08 23:23 3.5M 
 I'm Sprung Because O..>2012-12-08 23:23 3.5M 
 Just Whine The Love ..>2012-12-08 23:24 4.8M 
 One Apology In Bed (..>2012-12-08 23:24 2.9M 
 Rock Em Out In Here ..>2012-12-08 23:24 3.6M 
 Shake That Culo Up T..>2012-12-08 23:24 3.2M 
 The Sweetest Gold Di..>2012-12-08 23:24 3.6M 
 This Is Why A Sexy, ..>2012-12-08 23:24 3.8M 
 Too Busy To Drop You..>2012-12-08 23:25 3.5M 
 Yeah, The Way Shawty..>2012-12-08 23:25 3.2M